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Metamorphic Massage

Mind, body and soul

The principle 

This is a method developed in the 1960’s by Robert St John, naturopath, and reflexologist. From his reflexology practice, he discovered, just as Chinese acupuncturists had sensed thousands of years ago, that the spine contains all the reflex points of the prenatal period. It is during the period of gestation, from conception to birth, that our life pattern is created.


It is a gentle and light massage on the vertebral reflex points which are located on the feet, hands, and head.


The practitioner acts as a catalyst without will or expectation and offers a free inner space, without   intention or preconceived ideas, which will leave space for the Vital Energy of the person.


It is about rebalancing the Vital Energy which is either slowed down or altered by different types of blockages. It allows the person to evolve in his life with more strength, more confidence, more success.


It promotes profound and lasting changes.


Metamorphic massage allows us to release our emotional blockages. It acts on our thoughts, our actions, and their realization


It is a gentle, non-interventionist technique.

The practice

massage des mains


Deep relaxation that allows getting rid of patterns such as stress, anxieties, fears ... a new way of seeing life, an awakening of consciousness, letting go of fears, thus leaving room for more lightness.


For whom

At all ages of life


They last appx 1 hour30

For in depth work more frequent sessions may be proposed, but any other rhythm is also effective

Although any session will provide a benefit, for in-depth work, I would recommend close sessions, however any other rhythm is also effective.

Rates and Insurance

150.00 CHF per session of appx 1:30h

Any appointment not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will be charged.

Payment to be settled on the same day in cash or by TWINT


Link to ASCA contracted insurers


Each patient must first inquire with his insurer if the chosen therapy and therapist are reimbursed by his supplementary insurance.

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